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Founded in 2015, has been focused on better understanding and treating menopause.  Utilizing artificial intelligence, we have uncovered that not all menopause symptoms are the same and that not all women transitioning through menopause are going to have the same symptoms. is the first online platform that learns about a women's menopause experience and creates personalized wellness solutions catered to specific to their menopause experience


Every woman will experience menopause, with close to 50 million women currently experience menopause just in the United States and another 20 million Baby-boomers expected to enter menopause within the next decade.  Unfortunately, solutions for menopause are limited (and dated).   The AI scientists at have hacked some interesting wellness solutions for vaginal health, hot flashes, nutrition and mental health 


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We are a genomics and computation driven company creating the largest and most comprehensive menopause dataset that includes genomics, metabolomics, clinical biometric data, genealogy and digital real time health data.   We are also developing and applying large scale computing and deep learning to revolutionize women's aging health